1. Murillo

        "...in 12 weeks i lost a little over 26 lbs...i strongly recommend them"   Audio Testimonial:…Read More

  2. Juan Pena

    Since joining Sierra Strength I have lost 21.4lbs of fat and gained muscle. I can finally see my abs now and I feel great!…Read More

    juan pena
  3. Turk

    I lose 30lbs in 12 weeks! I never thought that i carried so much fat on my body, but after Chris told me to get a body fat test with bodyspec i got the results and i was over 30% in bodyfat. He gave me the meal plan and also the trainers here at the gym trained me for 12 weeks and i lose 30lbs easily.  Chris and his team even prepared my food 5xdays per week so the diet was automatic. This is ama…Read More

  4. Chris helped me put on weight & improve my deadlift!

    I trained with Chris for 8 weeks and put on 10lbs. Also he helped put 30lbs on my deadlift and increased my squat and bench press significantly!…Read More

  5. Chris is a very easy going, knowledgeable trainer.

    Chris is a very easy going, knowledgeable trainer. He was very patient with my 1,000 word essay questions, and didn’t shy away from giving full educated and clear responses. Chris knows how to “reset” your body, nutrition and workout wise, and really build a linear configuration progress routine right from the start, while considering your likes/dislikes as well. He also opened my eyes towar…Read More

  6. Started getting stronger.

    So when I first started this program I wasn’t too optimistic. Not because I didn’t think it wouldn’t work, but because I tried so many times in the past to get into shape and ALWAYS failed. I guess you could say I had a lot of ‘negative head talk’. But, after the first 4 weeks of training I already started getting stronger and dropped some body fat. When I started seeing the results that…Read More

  7. The results are amazing.

    I have been training with Chris Sierra for 7 weeks now, and in those 7 weeks he has put 100lbs to my deadlift! I went from lifting 385lbs to 500lbs! Also, I am now squatting 315lbs for reps and I recently hit a new personal record of 225lbs on the bench press! The results are amazing and I am building muscle, getting stronger, and getting leaner consistently each week.…Read More

  8. Chris is very knowledgeable.

    I came to Chris for guidance after going through some issues with metabolic damage and being burnt out from unhealthy advice I received from coaches in the past. He told me he wanted to work with me and would get me the results I wanted. I put my faith in him and was immediately glad I did. He taught me how to diet properly without depriving myself of foods I craved and I began to feel sane again.…Read More

  9. I feel great.

    I have been working out with Chris Sierra now for about 3 months now. When I started working out with him I weighed in at 149lbs and now I’m at 155lbs. I feel my muscles getting bigger and stronger. Also, I feel faster. I can lift more than I ever have previous to training with him. His training has helped me at work and also outside of work. I can last longer now, have more energy, and I get le…Read More

  10. I’ve lost fat and built muscle simultaneously.

    My name is Bill and I’m only halfway (6 weeks) into the program and already down 12lbs...So far, I’ve lost fat and built muscle simultaneously. I don’t know how Chris does it, but he get’s results! I’m sticking to his meal plans, cardio, and small group sessions and putting in the work. I am excited for these next 6 weeks!…Read More