1. Volumetrics: picking the RIGHT foods to keep you lean for life!

    When we speak in terms of “appropriate” food selection, let me go ahead and clarify what an “appropriate” food is. I’ll be writing mostly on carbohydrate sources as this is where I believe most people screw up their diets and start incorporating the wrong types of foods that eventually perpetuate rebound weight gain, or ward off any fat loss success to begin with.   First and foremo…Read More

  2. The 3 Benefits of using a High Carb/Refeed day: (short version)

    Incorporating a higher carb or ‘refeed’ day into your fitness lifestyle can do a few things for you: 1. Relieve ‘diet’ induced stress associated with weight loss. 2. Up-regulate your metabolism (meaning more fat loss in the long term) 3. Fill out your muscle glycogen stores (making the muscle appear rounder and more full) What you see me eating here is close to 1 lb of frozen mangoes (alon…Read More

  3. The Hormone Diet

    Hey guys I’m currently reading a book called The Hormone Diet. The author speaks a lot about hormones and their influence on body composition, fat loss, and energy levels. I highly recommend it. I want to share this page with you all:   Adrenaline and noradrenaline: Your “fight-or-flight” hormones   When present in the right amounts, adrenaline is very useful in supporting fat loss…Read More