1. Personal Trainer San Jose: Are Older Adults Reluctant to Exercise

    As you get older your body gets used to your daily routine and most older adults tend to not spend a lot of time working out and being active. They get too wrapped up in their busy schedule and it doesn't allow them to be as active as they were as young kids. Unfortunately with that comes less motivation to get out and exercise. The problem is your body needs to exercise and be active to stay heal…Read More

  2. Why Everyone Need a Coach (Especially Me)

    Why Everyone Need a Coach (Especially Me) Allow me to let you in on a little industry secret: all of the best trainers in the world…have trainers The best coaches have coaches. And the people who design some of the best, most effective programs you’ve ever heard of…hire other people to design programs for them. This goes for everyone from top-level bodybuilders and physique competitors to …Read More

  3. Volumetrics: picking the RIGHT foods to keep you lean for life!

    When we speak in terms of “appropriate” food selection, let me go ahead and clarify what an “appropriate” food is. I’ll be writing mostly on carbohydrate sources as this is where I believe most people screw up their diets and start incorporating the wrong types of foods that eventually perpetuate rebound weight gain, or ward off any fat loss success to begin with.   First and foremo…Read More