1. Personal Trainer San Jose: Are Older Adults Reluctant to Exercise

    As you get older your body gets used to your daily routine and most older adults tend to not spend a lot of time working out and being active. They get too wrapped up in their busy schedule and it doesn't allow them to be as active as they were as young kids. Unfortunately with that comes less motivation to get out and exercise. The problem is your body needs to exercise and be active to stay heal…Read More

  2. Personal Trainer San Jose: The Comprehensive Guide to Body Transformation

    At Sierra Strength being a personal trainer is not just meeting with you for a workout and motivating you to reach your goals. We understand that people who look for a personal trainer desperately need motivation and they are looking for results. That is what our program is based on. We don’t just train you we provide a personal trainer program that includes key elements that allow you to get re…Read More

  3. The Best Personal Trainer In San Jose

    As a Personal Trainer in San Jose I have been working hard over the years to spread the word on health, fitness, and how to achieve your fitness goals. It is my goal to touch as many hearts and lives as possible through being the best personal trainer in the San Jose area. Ultimately, I am here to establish a team and community that support one another in reaching our goals. It’s important to fi…Read More