We all learn differently, which is why Sierra Strength offers classes that are both one-on-one and small group. Either way you’ll receive the attention you deserve so that you can find the healthier you.

One-on-one are the most custom-tailored to the individual, depending on age, size, general health, and where you are in your workout life. Every moment of the session I’m focused on getting you to where you want to be, whether it’s with strength training, power lifting, or talking about your diet and how your lifestyle is affecting your body. If you need one-on-one support up to four days a week, this is for you. We can work together to get you on that path to that body you’ve always wanted.

Small Group classes are great for those who want an incredible, dedicated workout but don’t necessarily need the one on one. It’s also a great way to foster friendly competition if you’re the kind who enjoys seeing if you can do just one more rep than the next guy. That is great motivation to keep you going when you need just one more. Small groups contain 4 to 6 people who all have the goal of improving their lives through good exercise and healthier living.

Training is a very personal experience because it’s your body and life in your hands. But having someone to motivate you and make you accountable is the way to stay on the path to better health and a better you. Check out the Sierra Strength schedule below to see how getting fit fits into your schedule.

We also include a Total Body Measurements tracker to keep track of those measurements so you know exactly how much size you are adding or cutting off!

If you need One on One Help We Offer that as well