12020-cta3Working out is only part of the story. When you don’t eat the right foods, your body is either feeding on itself or storing it in the wrong place. It important to eat the foods that complement your workout routine, and since Sierra Strength is the one helping you determine your workout routine, we can customize a meal plan that will get you where you want to be as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Chris Sierra is a state powerlifting champion and has formulated meal plan for himself and hundreds of clients. Chris understands that, not matter what you come to us for, each person has a different timeline and different goals, and that’s why diet is customized.

First off, diet is different for powerlifting and strength training. Your body is going to process different foods in different ways, and that changes where it’s going to go. Maybe you don’t need the huge muscles but want to work on stamina? Diet is going to help.

Also, diet needs to be addressed for each individual  who comes to us. Is your focus to lose weight? Add inches to your arms? Increase your lung capacity? Also, schedule  has to be taken into consideration, as well as your attitude…there’s nothing wrong with slow, steady growth as long as you eventually get there. There’s also nothing wrong with blasting the fat in 6 weeks!

At Sierra Strength, you need to eat the foods that translate to what you want to get from your body. Get healthy and get fit with Sierra Strength! Contact us today.