As you get older your body gets used to your daily routine and most older adults tend to not spend a lot of time working out and being active. They get too wrapped up in their busy schedule and it doesn’t allow them to be as active as they were as young kids. Unfortunately with that comes less motivation to get out and exercise. The problem is your body needs to exercise and be active to stay healthy. Don’t let this lack of motivation and barriers created by life prevent you from living a healthy lifestyle. Your family will appreciate your effort. That is what I am here for . I would like to provide you the voice that you need to get the motivation to be healthy again.

As a personal trainer in San Jose California I have worked with many clients who have struggled with weight gain and lack of motivation. Through my personal trainer program I offer a unique solution that is a 12 week transformation process that with your commitment and effort you will get your body and life back on track. Let me help get you there. I will keep you accountable by checking in with you and offering a unique approach to being a personal trainer. Suddenly you will feel more motivated than ever to get your but in gear. I can make it happen. See how many satisfied clients I have helped and answer that question for yourself.