At Sierra Strength being a personal trainer is not just meeting with you for a workout and motivating you to reach your goals. We understand that people who look for a personal trainer desperately need motivation and they are looking for results. That is what our program is based on. We don’t just train you we provide a personal trainer program that includes key elements that allow you to get results and transform your body in as little as 12 weeks.

A comprehensive guide to exercise: With Sierra Strength personal training we include an extensive guide to getting fit and achieving the goals you are looking for. One of the most important parts of getting results is holding yourself accountable. This guide makes it that much easier to stay on track because you can reference in to keep yourself training at a high level even on your off days from your one on one class.

Total Body Meal Plan: We all know that without the proper diet it is going to be very difficult to get results. By providing you with a total body meal plan as a personal trainer, I am making that hard work pay off even more. This is your guide to nutrition which will help make the best of that hard work you are putting into your exercise.

Diet and Weight Tracker: Do you want to be able to see your results in real time? Well as a personal trainer I wanted to make this possible by helping you track your diet and weight as it happens.

Total Body Cardio: Cardio is going to be a key driving in melting those pound and getting the results you are looking for. As a personal trainer, I am going to provide you with a checklist for effective cardio training.

Essential Shopping: This personal trainer program even helps you buy the right food at the grocery store. We will give you a shopping list that makes getting the right foods easy.

Supplement guide: The right supplements can make a big difference in getting you those extra nutrients to help your muscles and body recover for faster results. We will give you a guide to make sure this process is easy.

Total Body Measurements tracker: You can actually see your size change as it happens as well. Keep track of those measurements and keep working hard to get those results. See more by checking out our personal training page.